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An economic condition marked by the fact that individuals actively seeking jobs remain unhired. Unemployment is expressed as a percentage of the total available work force. The lev ... Read more

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Investing Tip

Studying Up on Social Security

by Rich White

Knowing the reality about your Social Security benefits can be valuable in making sound choices - especially about when to start benefits and how to maximize their longevity and in ...

Microeconomics vs Macroeconomics

Although they’re both a worthy study of economic behaviors and trends, microeconomics and macroeconomics couldn’t be more different. Microeconomics ...

6 Things You Need to Know About the Fed’s Friday Speech

Fed chairwoman Janet Yellen gave a speech to the American public on Friday, where she went into detail about what the Fed thinks about the economy. These are th...

The Random Walk Theory

While EMT suggests that stock is always efficiently priced (and therefore you cannot outperform the market except as a consequence of luck), another theory sugg...

Tax Issues Related to Your Business

Do you run a small business? Learn how taxes can affect your business. Read the rest of Tax Issues Related to Your Business at InvestorGuide.com....

Using the Scalping Strategy for Trading in the Forex Market

If you are in the Forex market with a short term investment horizon, then the 'scalping' strategy can make you money by exploiting currency rate fluctua...

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