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The relative rate at which the price of a security moves up and down. Volatility is found by calculating the annualized standard deviation of daily change in price. If the price of ... Read more

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Getting the Best Rates on Home Loans


You can negotiate the rates and terms of a home loan. You should look for a mortgage the way you'd look for a car -- get all the important cost information, shop around and, yes, n ...

How to Buy Out-Of-The-Money Stock Options

I have heard it all when it comes to buying out-of-the-money stock options.   Some of the most  common things I hear are… “I was taught never to buy OTM ...

ETFs vs Mutual Funds: Which Is Better?

Both mutual funds and exchange–traded funds (ETFs) provide investors with the opportunity to diversify their portfolios without having to pay the prohibit...

When Should I Buy or Sell a Currency Pair?

How do traders make the decision to buy or sell a currency pair? The most popular and successful method of making decisions and analyzing FOREX markets is techn...

The Efficient Market

The first interesting theory about price behavior is called the efficient market theory (EMT). This theory states simply that prices react to changes in the com...

Technical Risk and Market Culture

Technical analysts are different kinds of people than fundamental analysts. Technicians enjoy the fast-paced action of the moment and are probably more willing ...

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