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monetary policy

The regulation of the money supply and interest rates by a central bank, such as the Federal Reserve Board in the U.S., in order to control inflation and stabilize currency. Moneta ... Read more

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Investing Tip

Difference in Forex Markets and Equity Markets in Technical Analysis

by Siam Luu

One big difference in technical analysis between the forex markets and the equity markets is that the forex markets are affected more by macroeconomic factors while equity markets ...

8 Insurances You Must Have to Secure Your Business

Setting up a new business, in a way, means exposing yourself to various unavoidable risks. A business is vulnerable to various uncertainties before it’s compl...

Abenomics, Yen and the BoJ

The Japanese Yen was all over the news last week as the currency soared to an 18-month high against the US dollar. Although USDJPY managed to recover on Friday ...

Monetary Policy vs Fiscal Policy — What’s the Difference?

Armchair economists and expert policymakers alike often mix up the ideas of monetary policy and fiscal policy, two very different elements that both heavily inf...

Fiscal Policy vs. Monetary Policy

When discussing the economy and the actions of government the terms fiscal policy and monetary policy often come up. These refer to two distinct forms of policy...

Fundamental Analysis Trading Strategy

Fundamental analysis is a study of the economy and is based on the assumption that the supply and demand for currencies is a result of economic processes that c...

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