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Investing Tip

Investor Risk and the 5 Ways to Evaluate It

by Warren Buffett

In our opinion, the real risk an investor must assess is whether his aggregate after-tax receipts from an investment (including those he receives on sale) will, over his prospectiv ...

Do You Think Too Much About Your Money?

Who doesn’t want to be good looking and rich? But too much obsession with your money is just as bad as too much obsession with your diet. Taking any obses...

Peter Panholzer-DynexCorp

Mr. Panholzer is featured here for several reasons: I have known him for over 30 years; he represents a FOREX manager with a balanced trading methodology who ha...

Reality versus Expectation in FOREX Trading

The degree a currency pair reacts to a news release is a function of the difference between what was expected and the actual number. All other things being equa...

Fundamental Analysis Problems

The problem with fundamental analysis is that it is difficult to convert the input into a specific price prediction output. This is especially true if the infor...

Valuable Strategies

A contrarian approach can be as simple as the technical observations of price swings made in a swing trading or day trading strategy, or far more complicated ba...

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