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An item or expense subtracted from adjusted gross income to reduce the amount of income subject to tax. Tax authorities specify the items that can be deducted from gross income for ... Read more

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Two Credit Cards are Better than One, But More Isn't Always Better


Don't have "too many credit cards." There are good reasons to have at least two credit cards, but some people collect a stack of cards, including those from stores and oil companie ...

Tax Advantaged Investment Options for Retirement

Don't make the mistake of not planning for your future. Learn about the taxes benefits associated with various retirement programs. Read the rest of Tax Ad...

An Explanation of Home Equity and the Related Loans

Find out how home equity loans work, the types of loans that are available, and the benefits that they offer. Read the rest of An Explanation of Home Equity and...

Don’t Wait Until March – End of the Year Tax Planning Tips

Many people don’t even think about their taxes until March. But there are good reasons not to wait until the deadline looms in the near future. As the end...

Tax Issues Related to Wash Sales, Lottery Winnings etc.

Learn about the various tax rules associated with lottery winnings, investment interest, and holding periods. Read the rest of Tax Issues Related to Wash Sales,...

An Explanation of the Various Facets of a 403(b) Plan

Find out about 403(b) plans that are available for some tax-exempt employers. Learn about the details concerining eligibility, rollovers and withdrawals. Read ...

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