1. an act of becoming larger
    ExamplesThere have been several increases in tax or tax increases in the last few years. • There is an automatic 5 per cent increase in price or price increase on January 1st. • Profits showed a 10 per cent increase or an increase of 10 per cent on last year.
    increase in the cost of living
    a rise in the annual cost of living
  2. a higher salary
    Examplesincrease in pay or pay increase • The government hopes to hold salary increases to 3 per cent.
    she had two increases last year
    her salary went up twice
  1. to grow bigger or higher
    ExamplesProfits have increased faster than the increase in the rate of inflation. • Exports to Africa have increased by more than 25 per cent. • The price of oil has increased twice in the past week.
    to increase in price
    to cost more
    to increase in size or value
    to become larger or more valuable
  2. to make something bigger or higher
    the company increased her salary to £50,000
    the company gave her a rise in salary to £50,000

"...turnover has the potential to be increased to over 1 million dollars with energetic management and very little capital" [Australian Financial Review]

"...competition is steadily increasing and could affect profit margins as the company tries to retain its market share" [Citizen (Ottawa)]

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There was an increase in the amount of customers we had and it made me really happy to know we were doing well.

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You may find that there has been an increase in your sales and have to start to produce even more of your product.

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Even though we have been doing everything we can think of and trying our absolute hardest, we just cannot seem to get sales to increase as much as we need them to.

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