first or starting
ExampleThe initial response to the TV advertising has been very good.
to write your initials on a document to show you have read it and approved
Examplesto initial an amendment to a contract • Please initial the agreement at the place marked with an X.

"...the founding group has subscribed NKr 14.5m of the initial NKr 30m share capital" [Financial Times]

" prospects are excellent for someone with potential, and initial salary is negotiable around $45,000 per annum" [Australian Financial Review]

Use initial in a sentence

After the initial break up, it was hard to adjust to the idea of getting a new job and a new place to live.

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My initial interview with the broadcasting company was to discuss my education and qualifications for the job I applied for.

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By failing to initial Page 45 Subsection D of his employment contract, Jim unwittingly authorized the company to harvest unneeded organs for sale on the black market.

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