1. to do an action
    to make a bid for something
    to offer to buy something
    to make a payment
    to pay
    to make a deposit
    to pay money as a deposit
  2. to earn money
    ExampleHe makes £50,000 a year or £25 an hour.
  3. ExampleThe shares made $2.92 in today's trading.
  4. Usage
    to make a profit
    to have more money after a deal
    to make a loss
    to have less money after a deal
    to make a killing
    to make a very large profit

Use make in a sentence

You should always try and make sure that any deal you propose is for the greater good of your company.

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We decided to make an offer to the employee who had the masters degree and two years of experience as we thought he was the best candidate.

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In order to make my monthly credit card payment, I need to work two jobs, so I can be sure I have enough money, so I do not go further into debt.

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