the largest possible number, price or quantity
ExampleIt is the maximum the insurance company will pay.
(NoteThe plural is maxima or maximums.)
up to a maximum of £10
no more than £10
to increase exports to the maximum
to increase exports as much as possible
largest possible
Examples40 per cent is the maximum income tax rate or the maximum rate of tax. • The maximum load for the truck is one ton. • Maximum production levels were reached last week.
to increase production to the maximum level
to increase it as much as possible

Use maximum in a sentence

I already exceeded the maximum number of tasks I could do, so I just waited another day, until I could do some more.

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Although we are prepared to pay the maximum, it is not ideal and we hope to get a much better price through negotiation.

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The maximum was sufficiently high to potentially cover all expenses that could possibly be incurred by an accident or fire.

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