1. to be satisfactory for something
    ExampleWe must have a product which meets our requirements.
    we will try to meet your price
    we will try to offer a price which is acceptable to you
    they failed to meet the deadline
    they were not able to complete in time
  2. to pay for something
    ExamplesThe company will meet your expenses. • He was unable to meet his mortgage repayments.
    (Notemeeting - met)

Use meet in a sentence

We met our goals for last quarter and are confident that we can repeat that success and meet our goals for this upcoming quarter.

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I love going to my daughters bus stop everyday to meet her after school so we can talk about her day and enjoy each others company.

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The mother told her two kids to meet her in front of the school by the large tree at the end of the day so nobody would be lost or confused.

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