1. a quantity of things or people
    ExamplesThe number of persons on the payroll has increased over the last year. • The number of days lost through strikes has fallen.
  2. a printed or written figure that identifies a particular thing
    ExamplesPlease write your account number on the back of the cheque. • If you have a complaint to make, always quote the batch number. • She noted the cheque number in the ledger.
  3. an amount in figures
to put a figure on a document
Examplesto number an order • I refer to your invoice numbered 1234.

Use number in a sentence

The number of jobs in computer programming is larger than the number of people willing and able to fill them in our society.

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It's unclear what the exact number of unused reams of Teletype paper in the company basement is, but it is surely high enough to present a significant fire hazard.

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The number of free agents that the Philadelphia Eagles signed is much different from the number that the Green Bay Packers signed, showcasing the different philosophies in the front offices.

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