consumer credit


A monthly report showing rate of change in credit-based consumer spending. The report reflects the annualized, seasonally adjusted rate of change for revolving (credit cards) and non-revolving (automobile loans and education) debt, excluding real estate-secured loans. The Consumer Credit report is of limited interest to investors because much of the information in it hits the markets from other sources before the data covering a period two months earlier are released by the Federal Reserve on the fifth business day of the month.

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Our consumer credit report was finally in and we were all pretty shocked with what we found there that day.

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The consumer credit report was useful for disclosing vital information that would be pertinent to the potential financial transactions that could occur.

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Checking your consumer credit report on a regular basis is a sound and smart decision to protect your self from Identity theft, wrong information, unauthorized billing, report of possible stolen credit cards, debt ratio and credit score.

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