potential customers
people who could be customers
potential market
a market which could be exploited
the possibility of becoming something
a share with a growth potential or with a potential for growth
a share which is likely to increase in value
a product with considerable sales potential
a product which is likely to have very large sales
to analyse the market potential
to examine the market to see how large it possibly is

"...career prospects are excellent for someone with growth potential" [Australian Financial Review]

"...for sale: established general cleaning business; has potential to be increased to over 1 million dollar turnover" [Australian Financial Review]

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There was a lot of potential in the company to succeed and we all knew that it would be a long road to success, but we could do it.

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The dentist viewed his annual free oral hygiene clinic as a great way to meet and attract potential patients that were concerned about their teeth.

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When the economy starts to correct itself, there will be a great potential for the population to get out of debt, find a job, and afford what needs are necessary.

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