with a lot of force or strength
ExamplesThis Christmas saw a strong demand for mobile phones. • The company needs a strong chairman.

"...everybody blames the strong dollar for US trade problems" [Duns Business Month]

" a world of floating exchange rates the dollar is strong because of capital inflows rather than weak because of the nation's trade deficit" [Duns Business Month]

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With strong sales at Christmas, newly formed Acme Elves, LLC couldn't conceive their popularity would go anywhere but up, up, and up!

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Our CEO was excited to hear we had sold so many of our new model of cell phones this month thanks to the strong demand for our product.

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The panel agreed that Layla was a strong applicant for the managerial position due to her cumulative 15 years of experience, dual degrees in Business Management and Accounting, aptitude for leadership, and involvement with community outreach programs.

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