complete, or with everything added together
ExamplesThe company has total assets of over £1bn • The total amount owed is now £1000. • The total cost was much more than expected. • Total expenditure on publicity is twice that of last year. • Our total income from exports rose last year.
the cargo was written off as a total loss
the cargo was so badly damaged that the insurers said it had no value
total income
all income from all sources
an amount which is complete, with everything added up
ExampleThe total of the charges comes to more than £1,000.
Examplecosts totalling more than £25,000
(Notetotalling - totalled.
The US spelling is totaling - totaled.)

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You should always try to figure out the best way to use all of your total resources together to make the most.

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The total profit from the project was in the black, we would have liked to see more profits, but this alone was encouraging.

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After the first quarter's sales earnings were calculated, the total revenue for the company had not reached the projected amount.

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