noun the act of marking a paper or holding up your hand, to show your opinion or to show who you want to be elected Usage to take a vote on a proposal , to put a proposal to the vote to ask people present at a meeting to say if they do or do not agree with the proposal verb to show an opinion by marking a paper or by holding up your hand at a meeting ExamplesThe meeting voted to close the factory. • 52 per cent of the members voted for Mr Smith as chairman. • Most of the staff voted for a strike. Usage to vote for or against a proposal to say that you agree or do not agree with a proposal Usage two directors were voted off the board at the AGM the AGM voted to dismiss two directors Usage she was voted on to the committee she was elected a member of the committee

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I did not know who to vote for at the next election, so I talked to my brother who knew a lot about politics.

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We had suggested that we have a company wide vote to determine the location of the employee dinner party next month.

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Everyone has the right to vote, so I wonder why we have a lot of younger citizens of the United States who don't want to exercise their right to do so.

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