Crash of 1929


The name for the period lasting from October 29th to November 13th in 1929 during which the stock market dropped violently, losing much of its value and contributing to the start of the Great Depression. The Crash of 1929 was the impetus for a great number of reforms and regulations related to securities trading.

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You should do some research on what happened before and after the crash of 1929 and learn from how it changed things.

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In an effort to show up his more vocal critics and their accusations he was incapable of painting anything joyful, Mr. Gogh chose the Crash of 1929 for the subject of his next masterpiece.

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The Roaring 20's was a decade of American exuberance marked by wild speculation and a reckless drive for profits, all of which came to a precipitous end with the Crash of 1929.

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