1099-G Form


Certain Government Payments. This form is used to provide information that must be reported on a taxpayer's federal tax return as it pertains to the amount of refunds, credits, and offsets of state income tax during the previous year. This amount could be taxable on the taxpayer's federal income tax return if the taxpayer had claimed the amount of income as an itemized deduction on their federal income tax return in the previous year.

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The 1099-G form was used by us as we had to correctly document every single financial transaction that occurred this year.

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I had to file a 1099-G Form with my taxes this year, due to having offset my income tax last year with deductible donations.

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If you have ever received anything that one would consider a "payment" from a government agency (i.e. state, local, etc.), you would then include a 1099-G FORM when filing you taxes. For example, if you have received unemployment benefits, tax credits for agriculture or even tax refunds for previous years tax returns, then you should fill out a 1099-G FORM.

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