BBB rating


A bond rating assigned to an investment grade debt instrument. A BBB rating reflects an opinion that the issuer has the current capacity to meet its debt obligations but faces more solvency risk than an A-rated issue and less than a BB-rated issue if business, financial, or economic conditions change measurably. Bond investors rely on bond ratings from organizations like Standard & Poor's, Moody's Investors Service, and Fitch Ratings to evaluate the default risk associated with both corporate bonds and municipal bonds.
Compare to AAA Rating, BB Rating, B Rating; Junk Bond.

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The BBB rating was used to make the decisions on with securities to include in our fully diversified investment portfolio.

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We thought that we were going to use a specific contractor, but when we saw they had a low BBB rating due to jobs being completed poorly, we decided we should look for someone else

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Having $10,000 to invest, the couple had narrowed the possibilities down to two companies, but when they discovered one had a poor BBB rating, their decision became very easy.

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