bull flag


A chart pattern named for the fact that its initial formation (the flag pole) takes place in a rapidly rising market. Once the pole is formed, a short period of consolidation results in a series of bars in which the highs and lows decline at the same rate, forming a parallel downward-sloping channel. Technicians view a bull flag as a neutral indicator, so they will place orders above and below the trend lines drawn along the tops and bottoms of the flag and play the one that gets filled on the breakout. Compare to Bear Flag.

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You should try and make sure you are following the bull flag to know how the over all market is doing.

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They reviewed the chart analysis and the bull flag, and decided to place orders above the line to take advantage of opportunities.

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The bull flag was something of an interest to me and I had to know more, so I called an expert that would now what they were talking about.

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