Reducing the total number of employees at a company through terminations, retirements, or spinoffs.

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You may find that it is the right time for downsizing and may have to lay off a lot of good employees.

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I had a great job at in an electronic company but they lost a few large accounts and I was let go due to downsizing.

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Tom worked for a reputable and quite lucrative financial software company. He was head of software development based out of California. Tom had worked tirelessly for the company going on for now twenty years. The former CEO stepped down last week and Tom had to attend a meeting with all the department heads. After introducing himself the new CEO stated that he wanted to get right to business. He abruptly informed Tom that he would be downsizing two hundred people in his department and relocating the division to India. Tom was forced to relocate to India or lose his job.

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