Payments made to a separated or divorced spouse as required by a divorce decree or separation agreement. Alimony is different from child support, because it is based on the idea that a husband and wife must both support each other. A court may order an individual to pay alimony based on the circumstances, and may take into consideration a variety of factors including how long the couple has been married, how much money each individual is likely to make in the future, and if either party has any specific needs (such has health issues) which have a high financial expense.
In general, women are granted alimony more frequently than men. Alimony is counted as income for the person receiving it, and is deducted from the income of the person paying it.

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The court ordered for John to pay $400 of alimony per month based on the 10 years of marriage to his wife Angela who did not work the last 4 years while raising their two small children.

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You may have to pay out alimony if you divorce your wife and she wants to get as much from you as she can.

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The judge made John's alimony payments so high that he had to take a second job to meet those payments while also affording his own lifestyle.

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