long run


Referring to a long time horizon. This is not always well defined, but in trade models it usually means long enough for industries to vary the amounts of all factors they employ, and therefore for the factors to be mobile across industries. Contrasts with short run.

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In the long run, I did not think we had a shot at a title because everything was going downhill and everyone had a negative attitude.

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Investing in the Long Run takes into account economic variability not only of the asset involved, but of economic cycles that affect the asset, therefore Long Run investments are usually made in large capital stocks or blue chips which have a good prospect of long term profitability and capital growth.

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When investing in the stock market you should choose stocks that you are going to hold in the long run, it has been shown that investors that are in it for the long run over 20 years often times create a greater amount of wealth than those that invest for only a 3 months an resell as each time you buy and sell there are additional costs and or fees associated with the transaction.

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