real exchange rate

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1. The nominal exchange rate adjusted for inflation. Unlike most other real variables, this adjustment requires accounting for price levels in two currencies. The real exchange rate is: R = EP*/P where E is the nominal domestic-currency price of foreign currency, P is the domestic price level, and P* is the foreign price level.
2. The real price of foreign goods; i.e., the quantity of domestic goods needed to purchase a unit of foreign goods. Equals the reciprocal of the terms of trade.
3. The relative price of traded goods in terms of nontraded goods.

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You should always try to make sure that you get the best real exchange rate you can when dealing in foreign currency.

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The real exchange rate was adjusted for inflation and I was really happy to know that, because it would make me more prepared.

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Since inflation was at an all time high, the nominal rate needed to be adjusted as well to then get to the real exchange rate at present date.

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