The lawful expulsion of an occupant from a property. Although eviction rules vary from area to area, in most cases an eviction must follow a specific legal process. First, the landlord must give notice to the tenant, telling them what they are doing wrong (e.g. they owe four months back rent), and how they can repair the problem and avoid eviction. If the problem is not solved, however, the landlord generally must serve a complaint, requiring the two parties to go to court, where the case will be determined by the judge.
If the landlord wins, the tenant must leave the property by a certain date, otherwise they will be removed by a police officer.

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You may face eviction and will have no choice but to vacate the premises and find a new place to move.

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The eviction notice was provided to the former resident in the apartment who had already moved out, having removing their possessions already.

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When the tenants failed to pay their monthly rent installment in the time period outlined in the lease agreement, the property managers began the eviction process.

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