FCC. A U.S. government agency charged with the task of regulating all forms of interstate and international communication. The agency was created via the Communications Act of 1934, originally for the purpose of regulating radio licensing. Over the years, as technology developed, various other forms of communication fell under the agency's jurisdiciton, including television and telecommunication mediums. The agency strives to reach several broad goals, including providing everyone with access to broadband services, and creating efficient ways to communicate during emergency situations.
The FCC has also created laws which speak to decency, and can punish entities for broadcasting content that doesn't follow the regulations. The Commissioners of the FCC are appointed by the President, and generally serve five year terms.

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You need to make sure that any deals you do are not breaking any of the rules set forth by the FCC.

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I thought the FCC needed to be stopped because they were forceful, negative and full of bad people that controlled everything.

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The radio station in our town was ordered to pay a stiff penalty for violating certain FCC rules related to obscene broadcasting.

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