core capabilities


Business activities a company performs at a consistently high level of competency which are designated by the company as critical to their competitive position in the marketplace. Companies attempt to achieve dominance in a market by focusing on their core capabilities. Also called core competencies.

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You should always be trying to improve your core capabilities so that you will know you are improving as a company.

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The speaker made the point that while gaining a broader share of the market place is always desirable, as is staying abreast of the latest trends and technology, it was imperative to remember that the company had acquired a solid and longstanding niche in the market place by doing that which they did best, in short to never lose sight of the company's bread and butter, specifically its core capabilities.

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When our new company CEO was hired he promised that his first priority was to return us to refocus on our core capabilities that he knew would bring us to profitability.

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