strategic business unit (SBU)


A separately managed division or unit of an enterprise with strategic objectives that is both distinct from the parent unit and integral to the overall performance of the enterprise. An SBU is typically created to target a specific market or business concern which requires a production or management specialty not contained within the parent organization.

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They were a very well managed strategic business unit and they had a really great outlook on everything in the company.

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The parent company of a restaurant group has determined that it will be focusing on the Strategic Business Unit of its newest concept. They have decided that this Strategic Business Unit will be a deviation from the way that the rest of their concepts are run, as, they see this as the wave of the future for casual dining.

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Individuals which desire the prestige of working for large companies but prefer to work in smaller groups and to drill down on smaller, more specific problems may be a good fit for a job in a strategic business unit.

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