first-mover advantage


The edge that a company gains by entering a particular market before any competitors. This advantage can be gained in many ways, such as having the first chance at accessing resources (and if a particular resource is scarce, another company might not be able to get enough to have a chance at competing), gaining funding from the most-interested individuals, or by developing new technologies which other companies do not have access to. Although being the first-mover has the potential for many advantages, some disadvantages can arise as well, such as the ability of other companies to study and mimic the products and techniques of the first company.

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For the adventure sport enthusiast GoPro has had a first-mover advantage however competitors have recently entered this segment of the camera market.

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First-mover advantage will be in our favor the faster we're able to get our product to the market. We can be the pioneers of our products well into history.

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Risking millions in research and development and eventually establishing the first colony on the Moon gave the corporation the first-mover advantage because as soon as other companies began forming colonies, the prices for land on the moon skyrocketed.

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