floating debt


Continuously refinanced short-term debt for a company's ongoing operations. The advantage of floating debt is that there is a chance to benefit from reductions in interest rates. In addition, interest rates on long-term debt are often higher than interest rates on short-term debt, so the company might be saving itself money by refinancing short-term debt as opposed to borrowing long-term. However, the downside is that the company might suffer if interest rates rise and they have to refinance at a higher cost.

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You should always know how much floating debt you have and be working hard to pay it off as soon as possible.

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Our company CEO was arrested for misappropriating funds that he skimmed off the top of the company's floating debt we refinanced each month.

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Our company has a lot of floating debt, mainly due to the recent acquisitions we have made. On average we purchase one to two companies a year.

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