Form 10-K


Audited document required by the SEC and sent to a public company's or mutual fund's shareholders at the end of each fiscal year, reporting the financial results for the year (including the balance sheet, income statement, cash flow statement and description of company operations) and commenting on the outlook for the future. The term sometimes refers to the glossy, colorful brochure and sometimes to Form 10-K, which is sent along with the brochure and contains more detailed financial information. All 10-Ks for public companies and mutual funds incorporated in the U.S.
are available on the SEC's website for free. also called annual report.

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You may want to make sure that you know exactly is on a form 10-k before you start to fill one out.

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The companies Form 10-K was scrutinized closely in evaluating the performance for the year and some of the footnotes gave great insight to the extraordinary items on the financials.

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Sally realized that the Form 10-K that she had sent to the shareholders actually had some errors in it and she was afraid of the repercussions if anyone were to find out.

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