Gross National Product. GNP is the total value of all final goods and services produced within a nation in a particular year, plus income earned by its citizens (including income of those located abroad), minus income of non-residents located in that country. Basically, GNP measures the value of goods and services that the country's citizens produced regardless of their location. GNP is one measure of the economic condition of a country, under the assumption that a higher GNP leads to a higher quality of living, all other things being equal.

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GNP – What’s the Difference?

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When my company decided to put a factory in a very poor country, the government of that country was thrilled because it meant their GNP would increase by the new amount our factory produced.

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If you will be doing business with a new country for the first time you may want to find out what their GNP is.

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When you are considering doing business in a new country you should do some research and know what their GNP is.

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