Health Maintenance Organization. A form of health insurance combining a range of coverages in a group basis. A group of doctors and other medical professionals offer care through the HMO for a flat monthly rate with no deductibles. However, only visits to professionals within the HMO network are covered by the policy. All visits, prescriptions and other care must be cleared by the HMO in order to be covered. A primary physician within the HMO handles referrals.

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My medical care is very cheap because my doctor is part of an HMO, but the downside is that I only have a few doctors to choose from.

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The company sponsored HMO plan afforded employees a variety of health benefits that would be uncommon to receive as a self employed person.

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John Smith opted for Blue Shield's HMO plan because he was young and healthy and he didnt mind having to limit his providers to those doctors and clinics that participate in the plan.

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