To engage in any activity in which money is put at risk for the purpose of making a profit, and which is characterized by some or most of the following (in approximately descending order of importance): sufficient research has been conducted; the odds are favorable; the behavior is risk-averse; a systematic approach is being taken; emotions such as greed and fear play no role; the activity is ongoing and done as part of a long-term plan; the activity is not motivated solely by entertainment or compulsion; ownership of something tangible is involved; a net positive economic effect results.

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We had suggested that the client invest in mutual funds to diversify his risk as he wanted to invest in many companies.

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We continue to invest a great deal of our revenue in research and development in the hope of discovering additional products to add to our sales mix.

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The venture capitalist plans to invest $100,000 for a five percent stake in the social networking company with the goal of eventually selling that five percent stake for more money if and when the company grows.

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