Long-Term Equity Anticipation Securities. Long-term stock options or index options, with expiration dates up to three years away. LEAPs are very similar to standard options except for the fact that they expire much further in the future. They can be safer than traditional options because it is somewhat easier to predict stock movement over longer periods. Like options, they allow an investor to lock in a fixed price for the underlying security. Therefore, like options, they can be effective for both leverage and insurance purposes.
Expiration generally occurs 36 months after purchase, and LEAPs are American style, so they can be exercised at any time before expiration. Strike prices usually range around 25% above or below the price of the underlying stock when the LEAP is first offered.

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They had made some giant leaps forward in their company and we were all very happy with what was found.

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You may want to try and see if any LEAPS would be a good place for you to invest if you are looking for a new spot.

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I wonder if it would be prudent to buy LEAPs in Google for the coming years, for it seems they will surely outperform the market.

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