Expert; someone who is one of the very best in his or her field. A maven is often someone who is a strong influential on others, or who is driven by helping others and sharing knowledge with them. The term is derived from a Yiddish term meaning "one who understands."

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Jim was an adroit winer and diner, leading him to be known among his colleagues as a maven in the realm of prospect wooing.

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My brother won a lot of money in the lottery but didn't know what to do with it, so he hired a guy who really knew the stock market to be his investment maven.

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In order to excel in my field I studied under a maven for several months. I tried to replicate his approach, watched his behavior and followed his lead. Having the hands on experience with an expert is what shaped who I am now. I often still use him as a mentor for my young colleagues and new hires.

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