money order


Financial instrument, issued by a bank or other institution, allowing the individual named on the order to receive a specified amount of cash on demand. Often used by people who do not have checking accounts. One of the main benefits of a money order is that it is more trusted than a personal check, because it is prepaid. Money orders can be obtained at many locations, including a post office, grocery store, or bank, and may require a small fee.

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We have one client who, oddly enough, refuses to pay for our services by any method other than a money order purchased at his bank.

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Many people who do not have stable incomes or checking accounts utilize money orders to pay for large purchases because money orders are trustworthy forms of payment.

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Yesterday I went to pay my child support payment. The office wouldn't except cash so I had to go to a convenience store and get a money order so I could make the payment.

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