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1. The ability to be sold or transferred to another party as a form of payment. Something which is negotiable is transferable by endorsement and delivery. A negotiable instrument could be a check made out to you, because you could endorse it for payment to you or transfer it to someone else as payment to them.
2. For a price or other terms of a contract or agreement, the ability to be adjusted. For example, when a price is said to be negotiable, it means that the seller is open to the possibility of reducing the price.

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While a seller may list a specific price, with the right skill, almost all prices can eventually be negotiable to some extent.

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You should always try and be negotiable so that you can end up getting a deal that works for both parties.

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The terms were negotiable, as a matter of fact, the manger asked the businessman to name one thing in this world, that is not negotiable.

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