net margin


Net profit divided by net revenues, often expressed as a percentage. This number is an indication of how effective a company is at cost control. The higher the net margin is, the more effective the company is at converting revenue into actual profit. The net margin is a good way of comparing companies in the same industry, since such companies are generally subject to similar business conditions. However, the net margins are also a good way to compare companies in different industries in order to gauge which industries are relatively more profitable.
also called net profit margin.

For more information, see Gross vs Net.

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I wondered what the net margin was and that made us all happy and ready to take the next step.

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ABC Corporation gave John Smith a good bonus because their net margin increased by 15% since he was hired as production manager.

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High value added service industries such as law or finance frequently have some of the higher net margin amongst private firms due to low fixed and variable costs.

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