net proceeds


The amount of money received from a sale, after subtracting transaction costs. In the case of an investor selling securities, net proceeds is the total revenue from sales minus trading costs. In the case of an issuer of securities, net proceeds are the capital raised minus the costs of issuing the securities. For a property, net proceeds are the price of the house minus commissions, closing costs, costs of any repairs and inspections that may need to be undertaken, and realtor's charges.

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They were going to donate the net proceeds from the event they were producing. The overhead for the event was not that great so the donation was going to be huge.

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Car dealerships spend money on their inventory of cars paying a base rate on the cars they buy which includes fees and they in return sell the cars for a higher price and the difference between what they charged and what they payed is the net proceeds.

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I use Robinhood's commission free trading platform for investing because as a small scale investor, I cannot afford the way that the $4.95+ commissions of classic online brokerages cut into my net proceeds from the sale of stock.

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