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to give a higher value to something or someone than is right
these shares are overvalued at £1.25
the shares are worth less than the £1.25 for which they are selling
the pound is overvalued against the dollar
the exchange rate gives too many dollars to the pound, considering the strength of the two countries' economies

"...the fact that sterling has been overvalued for the past three years shows that currencies can remain above their fair value for very long periods" [Investors Chronicle]

2. Perceived to be too expensive. opposite of undervalued.

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You should try to make sure that you have not overvalued your product and priced yourself out of the market.

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They were overvalued and I thought that everything was okay and I explained to my friend what I thought was going on.

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I instructed my stockbroker to sell off a lot of my shares in my company because I believed they were overvalued after the price doubled in a week.

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