personal identification number


PIN. The first, and most common usage of a PIN is a code used by an individual so that he/she can access his/her bank account at an ATM machine, but others can't. PINs were first used for ATMs in the late 1960s, and have since been applied to many other technological developments in order to keep sensitive information secure. PINs can be used to verify debit card purchases, or as part of a login process for websites, cell phones, or other devices.

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You must think of a good personal identification number for use at the ATM so that only you have access to your money.

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Once Samantha received her bank card, she was instructed to create a personal identification number that she would enter anytime she went to an ATM.

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When using things such as an ATM or making a purchase with your debit card, you have to enter your personal identification number to prove that the card is yours

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