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1. The amount of money in an account, equal to the net of credits and debits at that point in time for that account. also called account balance.
2. The amount remaining to be paid toward an obligation. For example, a homeowner who has paid down $25,000 of a $100,000 mortgage has a principal balance of $75,000. Balance also refers to the appraisal principle that states the greatest value in a property will occur when the type and size of the improvements are proportional to each other as well as the land.

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If you go to an atm or used your debit card to withdraw or spend more than your actual balance, the bank has the right to charge a fee for 'borrowing' the extra money.

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As the man continued to do tasks on Mturk, his balance in his bank account continued to rise by the minute. He will have his new car in no time at all!

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Paying down the balance on your mortgage might seem like a good idea, until you realize you're cheating yourself out of some juicy deductions on all that interest.

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