balanced fund


A mutual fund that buys a combination of common stock, preferred stock, bonds, and short-term bonds, to provide both income and capital appreciation while avoiding excessive risk. The purpose of balanced funds (also sometimes called hybrid funds) is to provide investors with a single mutual fund that combines both growth and income objectives, by investing in both stocks (for growth) and bonds (for income). Such diversified holdings ensure that these funds will manage downturns in the stock market without too much of a loss; the flip side, of course, is that balanced funds will usually increase less than an all-stock fund during a bull market.

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The balanced fund we had to work with was essential to our new business and it made everyone very happy.

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When Randy turned forty five, the financial adviser suggested that he should change his risky investments into a more stable balanced fund.

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Sydney discussed the balanced fund with his associates as a way to enhance the quality of investments of their company as they underwent restructuring.

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