rust belt


Area from the Northeast to upper-Midwest part of the U.S., known for its history of steel and manufacturing. This area is centered around Lake Erie, and generally includes Pennsylvania, western New York, Ohio, Michigan, and northern Illinois and Indiana. This area has also been refered to as the Industrial Heartland, or the Manufacturing Belt. In the early 1900s, this area drew many workers to the prevelant steel industry, and was also seen as a major manufacturing center due to its easy access to waterways.

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Many people have ancestors who worked in the Rust Belt to build the railroad cars and steel tracks required to transport people and goods across the country.

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The rust belt had a booming economy for years and the positive economic history's effect, or ramification, implication of the recent success is still evident.

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When the Buffalo Bills play the Cleveland Brown it is considered a rust belt game. Both cities were one time giants in the steel and manufacturing industries, but have since declined.

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