A distinct subset of a market, society, industry, or economy, whose components share similar characteristics. Stocks are often grouped into different sectors depending upon the company's business. Standard & Poor's breaks the market into 11 sectors. Two of these sectors, utilities and consumer staples, are said to be defensive sectors, while the rest tend to be more cyclical in nature. The other nine sectors are: transportation, technology, health care, financial, energy, consumer cyclicals, basic materials, capital goods, and communications services.
Other groups break up the market into different sector categorizations, and sometimes break them down further into subsectors.

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You should try to figure out which sector will be the best place for you to be in with your new company.

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When you enter an large apartment complex you will notice the numbers on each door. Without the number, you will have to door to door until you have the right one. Wouldn't it be better if something was label that tells you who is behind the door? Separating the apartments into sector helps you to easily navigate through each door until you find what you're looking for.

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I've worked in many industries involving digital media and online advertising, but I have not had any experience in the real-time bidding sector of digital advertising.

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