Beige Book


Report on current economic conditions, published by the Federal Reserve Board eight times each year. The Beige Book is part of the Federal Open Market Committee's preparations for its meetings. The report is released two Wednesdays before each FOMC meeting at 2:15 pm EST. The book is a summary of economic conditions in each of the Fed's regions. The report is primarily seen as an indicator of how the Fed might act at its upcoming meeting.

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I had a look at the beige book, which was a great source on figuring out the current economic conditions in the world.

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The Beige book provided keen insight into the state of the economy and it was a joy to read the expert authors thoughts.

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The information released in the beige book, is sort of like a litmus test, it can serve as an indicator of the direction that the federal reserve board may move in response to the economy .

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