settlement options


The different methods for paying out a benefit available to beneficiaries when an individual covered by a life insurance policy dies. The simplest method is a lump sum payment of the value of the policy. It is also possible to leave the entire settlement with the insurance company and collect interest, retaining the right to withdraw principal funds at any time. Payment schedules are also available based on payment amount or duration. In either case, interest will accrue on the money that remains with the insurance company.
There are also a range of options that pay benefits over the entire life of the beneficiary.

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You should try and come up with a few settlement options that are in your favor and hope the other party agrees to one.

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If I had the choice, I would always choose a lump sum payment from those offered through life insurance settlement options.

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The settlement options were vast, this pleased the client because he had a unique portfolio he wanted to coordinate the receipt of payments with.

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