SIMPLE 401(k) Plan


A retirement plan sponsored by employers which is attractive for employers because it avoids some of the administrative fees and paperwork of plans such as a 401(k) plan. Employers benefit from the tax-deductible contributions made to the plan, and employees may elect to have salary deferrals in order to contribute to the plan. The employer has the option of matching a certain portion of the employee's deferrals or making non-elective contributions to all eligible employees (an annual limit applies in both cases). A minimum compensation eligibility requirement exists for employees who want to join this plan, and employees cannot establish any other qualified retirement plans at the same time.

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You may want to try and get a simple 401 plan if you think that will be enough for you in the future.

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The simple 401 plan was a really interesting plan and I thought it was a good idea for us to implement for us.

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My company decided to end its previous 401(k) plan because it saw there would be lower administrative fees and paperwork with a SIMPLE 401 plan instead.

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