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1. The deceptive practice of some mutual funds, in which recently weak stocks are sold and recently strong stocks are bought just before the fund's holdings are made public, in order to give the appearance that they've been holding good stocks all along.
2. The deceptive practice of using accounting tricks to make a company's balance sheet and income statement appear better than they really are.

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You should always try to make sure that you do not fall for any window-dressing and invest in something bad.

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Arthur used a bit of clever window-dressing to rid himself of the declining shares of the small coffee bean company from Peru and acquire the much more promising shares of the new tech development company out of Silicon Valley before the market got a hold of the news of the decline.

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The window-dressing practice initially worked for the fund manager but ultimately the downfall of the fund could not be misconstrued and individuals lost a great deal of money.

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