Free Application for Federal Student Aid. A form required by the government for application to any federal education aid program. The Free Application for Federal Student Aid is used to determine the expected family contribution based on family financial information. An expected family contribution is calculated for every student, even if the family is not going to contribute that amount. A FAFSA is used to determine the specific Federal Student Aid programs that can contribute to a student's total financial aid package and in what proportions.
Many universities also use the information provided on the FAFSA to determine other grants and scholarships as well. The Federal Student Aid office is a part of the United States Department of Education.

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The student was devastated upon learning she would not be eligible for a FAFSA loan now that she was a convicted drug felon.

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I had to fill out a new FAFSA every school year when I went to college to ensure that I could receive the financial aid that I needed.

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When my niece was applying to colleges, her family wasn't sure they would be able to afford to pay for her education, so she filled out a FAFSA form to get financial aid.

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