An investment strategy in which companies are considered based simply on their own merit, without regard for the sectors they are part of or the current economic conditions. A person following this strategy will be looking very closely at the company's management, history, business model, growth prospects and other company characteristics: he or she will not be considering general industry and economic trends and then extrapolating them to the specific company. Followers of this strategy believe that some companies are superior to their peer groups, and will therefore outperform regardless of industry and economic circumstances.
The purpose of bottom-up investing is to identify such companies. opposite of top-down.

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When the high-profile company went bottom-up, almost 100,00 workers lost their jobs and nearly 300,000 family members to these employees were affected negatively, resulting in lower education standards for many families.

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I took a bottom-up approach when investing in Chesapeake Energy Company stock because although the energy sector is down significantly, I believe in the longterm upside of the company's historical figures, management and yield.

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He knew he was sorting through the equity trash; still, he had been successful before, and this was just the kind of bottom-up strategy they needed for the cheap stocks.

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