Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act. A law mandating that anyone belonging to a group health insurance plan must be allowed to purchase health insurance within an interval of time beginning when the previous coverage is lost. The law protects employees, especially those with long term health conditions who may be reluctant to leave jobs because they are afraid pre-existing condition clauses will limit coverage of any such conditions under a new insurance plan, from losing health insurance due a change in employment status.
The law also creates standards dealing with the privacy of health information, which helps prevent improper use of one's medical record.

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I was part of the hipaa program and that caused me to not feel worried at all about health insurance, or getting sick.

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The patient's sister called for information regarding the condition of the patient but due to HIPAA laws I could not provide this information.

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When John had to quit his job due to life-threatening heart problems, he was relieved that HIPAA meant he could continue his same health insurance coverage without interruption.

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