renter's insurance


A type of home insurance that protects the holder against accidents, damages, and losses that occur in a rented residence. Renter's insurance provides coverage both for the insured's belongings and for liability that may result from an accident in the insured's home. Many policies cover replacement cost, meaning that the insured will receive the money necessary to purchase a new item that is equivalent to the damaged one instead of a portion of that cost adjusted for depreciation.

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Without renter's insurance we would have been financially devastated after the kitchen fire in April destroyed all of our belongings.

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Jessie moved into a brand new condo complex and one of the stipulations of the agreement was that she take out renter's insurance on the building.

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After the burglary , Kristine was glad that the renter's insurance she purchased would cover the loss of her personal items, but the apartment complex would need to replace her door.

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